Friday, March 27, 2015

Sweet Anna

This has been a rough week here.  I know I have shared a few sympathy cards here lately of people who have lost loved ones in our church.  This week it has hit our family.  On Wednesday I found out that my Aunt that I made a card for a week ago had passed away.  She was one of my favorites and she is also the last Aunt I had on my Dad's side of the family, all my Dad's siblings and their spouses are all gone. I made the following card for her daughter in law who took care of her in the end.  My Aunt had outlived her husband and both her children.

Hot off the press-- Card Art-- pretty colors for bow and sentiment
Mulberry paper
Spellbinders -- Lg. deckled rectangles

The hardest thing was yesterday, we have been having problems with Anna our sweet cat not eating well ever since the week of my surgery. She was still acting ok, just not eating as much as usual.  After I got the ok to lift and bend over I made an appointment for her to be seen at the Vet, we were thinking she was having a problem with a hairball or maybe her teeth were giving her problems once again.  She checked her over and said that she didn't think there was any problems with her teeth so we should probably get blood test ran.  They came back that she was in Kidney Failure. This last day she hadn't eaten at all she was only drinking and she suggested we take her out of her misery.  It was the hardest thing for me to do, they gave us time alone with her to say our goodbyes and then they wrapped her in a cute pink blanket and she went to sleep so quickly.  We had our sweet Anna for 18 years.  She was my cat, she would follow me all around the house as I did my work around the house and no matter where she was in the house she must have sensed when I would sit down because she was always there right on my lap.  She would greet us when we came home just like Peanut. I made a little collage of Pictures of her and how close she was with Peanut and Jip.

My hubby made a little image for a tribute to Anna last night using the same style he made my birthday card with, using a small square punch, this measures 2 1/4 x 3 1/2 inches.

Our furbabies bring us so much joy, so happy that I was given so many years with my sweet Anna.

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Katie Sims said...

OH Connie, I am SO sorry for all you and your family have had to go through! Sending healing hugs your way!

Alex said...

Dear Connie, I'm so sorry you lost your Aunt and also your little cat.
What a time you've had. I lost my Mum and my German Shepherd dog two weeks later a couple of years ago so I can very much identify.Your cards for other cards are so kind and thoughtful,they have blessed a lot of people, but now it is you who is needing some loving care for a bit. Your hubby was dear to make that tribute card ~ so sweet.
Alex at Honeypot Cottage ~

Marie-Louise said...

Connie I am so sorry that you have lost your Aunt and your precious family pet. Your card is gorgeous. Loved your husband's idea of a card also as pets are just another member of the family.

nitestamper said...

Oh Connie, I am so sorry to hear about your Aunt.
Your card is beautifully done!!!!

Joann said...

I was heartbroken reading your post today sweet Connie. I am so sorry to hear this. It is so hard to loose family members and our fur babies are definitely a big part of our families. Our cat Squeaker is 14 years old now so I fully understand the attachment. Your card is simply beautiful and created with love and kindness. God bless.

J said...

I am so sorry about your recent losses. It must bring you some comfort that your aunt welcomed your affection and knew she was loved by you.
As for Anna, I have been there before and understand your heartache. I'm glad you had each other for so many good years.
Bless you!

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, Connie, I'm so sorry! Here I am trying to catch up with my visiting and I'm just now reading this. My heart aches for you. That is too much loss in one week. Your dear aunt and then your sweet Anna. Just too much. It's sad that your aunt outlived both her children. That must have been hard for her. You know how I feel about my furry children, so I'm hurting for you right now. You are so kind to make a pretty card to send when you're having your own difficulties. Your husband's tribute to Anna is touching, especially with the Dickinson quote. Take care, Connie.