Monday, February 21, 2011

Cards Request

A girl at church was given a card last year similar to this one on Valentine's day and she asked if I could duplicate it.  I told her I didn't have that stamp but I could look for an image in all my clipart programs.  I could not find one at all that I liked so my Husband was sweet enough to draw something similar to the stamp but changed it enough so he wasn't copying it, then I scanned the image into Adobe photoshop, my husband made a heart paintbrush that I could add the hearts around his image and I saved it imported the image into printmaster where I added the sentiment and printed 5 images off.

The inside heart was made with the printmaster program and the sentiment added with printmaster too, she wanted the heart torn out like that.

We are getting rain today it is very dark and dreary, but we aren't getting snow and that makes me happy.
Hope that if you are getting snow it isn't too bad,
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Beate said...

That is sweet of you to remake a card for her. It turned out great.
Hugs and smiles

Susan (rainy) said...

This is beautiful, Connie... and so true.