Friday, October 31, 2014

Anniversary picture

This year for our Anniversary that we celebrated on Wednesday, my hubby bought me an anniversary card, but instead he made me this wall hanging.  The 31 represents the years we have been married, but being that it is a Halloween type scene, I can hang this for years to come for Halloween in the future :)

I took a picture before I put it into a frame and I am glad I did because I just couldn't get a shot without reflection from the glass.

Recollections-- midnight magic paper
 Spellbinder dies for moon and flowers
Impression Obsession dies for cattails, dragonflies, leaves, pumpkins and grass
Taylored Exprssion dies for number
Stickers for the raven in the bottom right corner and the eyes on the left bottom corner

Here is the best picture I took with it in the frame, had to take it on the side so I wasn't in the shot but still managed to get the stuff on the opposite wall in my front hallway.

It is going to be quite cold here tonight, so don't know how many kids will we get, we like to see the kids dressed up, fun to see what they come up with to be.  On our day outing that we went on we stopped in Canton IL and it was right around the time that the town was doing a munchkin masquerade all the kids dressed up and went from business to business and got their candy so that was a cute treat for us to see.

Here is a picture Greg took of me waiting for the high school dance team to perform.

Here is a picture of the Gazebo in the middle of the town square.

  It is neat when out on a day trip to come across some of these unexpected fun going on.

Hope you enjoy a very nice weekend,
Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by,



SarahGeorge said...

What a joyous post! Happy belated Anniversary Connie :) We celebrated our 7th on the 19th of this month:)Your husband made a wonderful wall hanging for you! Have a blessed day :)

Marie-Louise said...

Hope you had a very Happy Anniversary Connie. Beautiful wall hanging. Love your great photographs.

Monika/Buzsy said...

Looks like it was a nice day despite the cold. What a wonderful wall hanging. Your hubby is really talented. Love the falling leaves on the dark background.

Monika/Buzsy said...

Oh, and happy Belated Anniversary!

Leslie Miller said...

A pretty talented and thoughtful guy you've got there! He did a great job! It looks like you had a nice day in the crisp fall weather. It hasn't turned very cold here yet, but we've finally had a little rain. We need a lot more, though.

Jerri Jimenez said...

Oh my gosh, Connie, that was so sweet and very talented of your husand, you know it came from his heart! My hubby and I celebrated our 31st anniversary last July. I can't believe where the years have gone.

Linda Carson said...

Wow! What a thoughtful and talented husband you have to make such an awesome keepsake! Happy 31st Anniversary!

Lisa said...

This is so sweet! Your husband did a wonderful job and took a great picture of you, too!