Saturday, September 26, 2015

Rays and Mount Rushmore

Remember awhile back when I made I think it was 4 of these base cards, well I finally used the last one.  To recap I took 4 papers layered them on top of one another and then took my Rotary cutter, like this one , and I cut the different rays with all the layers together using a metal ruler to keep the cuts straight. I had already cut cardstock the size of my card base, after inking the pieces I added them in the order I liked with glue stick onto the cardstock base, this gives you a little time before it sticks to make sure they are lined up.  Hope that all makes sense.

Kaisercraft -- cardboard die cuts (flower and big tag)
Martha Stewart -- Tag punch
Our Daily Bread -- mini tags sentiment stamp
American Crafts -- twine
Queen & co. --Yellow sunshine pearls

I took many pictures at Mount Rushmore and it was hard trying to figure out which ones to share so there is a lot here.

Getting a close up of them

Now we didn't know before coming that you can take a walk around to the base of the statues and the following pictures are from right under them.

This next one is showing the trail that they had for you to follow around.

Can you imagine carving on this steep mountain

I think I have pictures of every angle of these guys through trees around every bend, LOL!
Coming back there were quite a few stairs to climb and thankfully every so often there was a part where I could rest up before tackling the next set of stairs, if you ever get a chance it is a pretty walk around and very interesting reading on how this all came together.  I believe it took us a little over 3 hours in this park and it could have been longer but like I said we were cramming a lot into this vacation and we were off to our next thing we wanted to see, which I will share next time.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful weekend,



CherylQuilts said...

Oh, Connie, I really love this card and love how you made your own sun rays! Stunning papers, and I love the die-cut flower and tag. And wow, I love all the great photos you took. Looks like you had a really wonderful time and looks like somewhere every American should visit and remember our roots! Hugs!

Connie said...

Wow! I don't think that they had the trail when we were there, either that or we just didn't take it. We drove from Chicago to Gillette, WY with no sleep, other than a catnap in the car. Three people in a car trying to sleep just doesn't work. It was the time of year for the Sturgis Run in South Dakota and we could not find a room to rent anywhere until Wyoming. Needless to say we were too tired to hike, LOL. It was a trip to remember :) If we ever take that trip again, we will plan better. Your card is lovely. You do such pretty work :)

Sandra said...

Isn't Mt. Rushmore amazing? We stopped by there twice. I could go again and again. You have some very nice pictures to remember your visit.

AppleApricot Wen said...

Your card is beautiful and so cheerful with the beautiful flowers and rays. And what a wonderful place to visit, I can imagine you took many photos there :) Wishing you a beautiful weekend, hugs

Alex said...

They are such good, clear photos with sharp light and shade - I just marvel at the scale of these carvings... Must have been dramatic in real life.
You had lovely weather on that day!

Debbie said...

Connie, the card is quite beautiful, I like the design and colors. I have been to Mt. Rushmore, it is a sight to behold!!

Stephanie said...

Fabulous pictures of Mount Rushmore! I felt like I was right there looking at their faces :) I haven't been to Rushmore since I was a teen. My husband and I are hoping to take our son sometime soon.

Your card is gorgeous, Connie. Love the colors. Hugs!

ChristineCreations said...

I love hte patterned paper rays on this design, it gives it such a warm feel! We loved Mt. Rushmore, I thought they did such a good job with the trails and the state monuments etc. Lovely pictures!

Cheryl said...

Your card is beautiful. I keep saying I'm going to start making cards-- and I never do. I've got all the supplies though! lol

How lucky you are to have such a fabulous experience to see Mount Rushmore. I cannot even fathom the "bigness" of it all.... and that someone made it... wow. That was one "crafter" lol

Leslie Miller said...

You've always made the prettiest cards with your rays. I didn't realize you cut all four layers at once. This one is absolutely lovely with the papers you chose. Your photos are stunning! Isn't it a marvel how those were created? It must be awe inspiring to see the hugeness right up close. I've never been there, but hope to someday. It's not really all that far away. What a fabulous trip you had!

Hussena said...

What a beautiful card connie ..i love the rayed background you have created with the pretty paper's...Your holiday to Mount Rushmore seems to be fun :) ..Your photo's are really good from all the angels :)..Hope i get to visit it one day !

Unknown said...

We lived just a few hours away from Mt. Rushmore but never took the time to see it. I'm sad about that. It is a stunning monument. Thank you for sharing your pictures. Your card is really lovely too! Thank you also for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment (You Never Know How Much Good You Do). I replied there. It made me so glad. :)

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Connie, your Best Wishes card is beautiful. I love the color theme and the background with a quilted style.
Mount Rushmore is beautiful and you captured great pics. I have not been and this is an inspiration to plan a trip one day. Such true talent to create this stunning work using the earth and yet up so high and so huge.
Thanks for sharing and for stopping by this morning. Have a great day.
Blessings, cm

Diane said...

Fabulous card background and design Connie. It it amazing what they created out of stone.

Hugs Diane

Kat said...

What great photos! my husband and I love those type of trips where you cram a lot in and are off to the next thing! it looks like it was great weather, what it hot?
I left you a question about your diet you were on at my blog.
The card is really cute, i like how the parts of it go off to the side just a bit like waves. Very cute! Hugs

Christine said...

Love the card and the colors you used!
Mount Rushmore is awesome? I'd love to visit - your photos are great!

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Such a beautiful technique you have shared with us for your pretty card, Connie! I have always wanted to go to Mt. Rushmore. Your photos are wonderful. I watched a documentary on how they carved them on PBS a few years ago. It's so amazing! Glad you got to go and looks like you had good weather, too! Hugs xo Karen

Anonymous said...

Connie, I love the pastel strips of paper on your card. Very pretty.

I've never been to Mount Rushmore before. How grand!

handmade by amalia said...

This card says autumn to me, so gentle and pretty.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Oh Connie, love the card and yes have done this Ray style too great fun, done it inking too for good effect as well.
Must admit it amazes me that sculpted effect of the faces peering out for the sides of such a big mountain ... Totally amazing. And would've been clicking right there with you. :D
Hugs, Shaz in oz.x

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