Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Happy Birthday

I am using an image cut from my Silhouette machine.  My hubby really bought the machine thinking it would be better than the Cricut machine I own but like me I think it is too much of a chore for him to get it out and set it up. When I use it I usually sit down and cut out a whole bunch of things at once and then put them in envelopes to use later, I would not get the machine out to just cut one thing like I do when I use my dies.  Maybe if it was always set up and connected to my computer but we have them stored away, no room to have them out all the time.   How about you do you own one of these cutting machines?

The framing was done with a spellbinder die, added some pearls to the flowers, and some stickles to the leaves but it doesn't show up well.

Silhouette Cameo -- Happy Birthday sentiment cut
Spellbinders -- A2 matting basics A and Decorative Labels one dies
Liquid Pearls -- Lemon Yellow
Stickles -- Rock Candy

It looks like the Mid West is getting hit with more storms again.  Yesterday we were coming home from grocery shopping and we saw this wall of clouds coming so my hubby pulled over onto a dirt country road and was taking pictures until there was some close lightning and very loud thunder, he asked if I would drive and he could take pictures from inside the car so we switched places, I didn't even get down the road a 1/2 mile and we had such force winds and heavy rain that it was hard to stay on the road and I had to cut my speed quite a bit, it was that way all the way home. The roads were flooding over quite quickly but we made it home and I was so thankful we have a garage so that we could unload the groceries without getting soaked.

Here is one of the pictures he took.

I hope everyone is keeping safe through these storms, and that your week is going well,
Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by today :)



Christine said...

Wow that is a very intricate cut, so beautiful!
Stay safe Connie, that photo of the storm clouds is like nothing we get, its so scary looking!

Stephanie said...

Wow, what a photo, my friend! Please stay safe and know that I am praying for you!

Your card is beautiful, dear Connie. Hugs to you!

Unknown said...

That's a fantastic Happy Birthday Cameo cut! I love it paired with the Spellbinder's die! Pretty colors! I think if you were able to leave the machine out and plugged in you would enjoy/use it more. I have one and I do love it....but I am more of a stamp and color kind of gal so I KNOW I do not use mine as much as I could! :) We'll both just have to try harder!

Lowcarb team member said...

That looks a very delicate design ...

Goodness those clouds are so dark, stay safe.

All the best Jan

Haddock said...

The same happens with our sewing machine. As its "kept away" we feel lazy to take it out and sew.

Donna Ellis said...

Such an ominous storm front. Nothing touches our emotions as much as experiencing forces of nature - whether they be gentle beauties, or fearsome catastrophes. I have a Scan n Cut 2 which I plan to use more regularly later in the year. Right now, there is not time enough to spend learning how to use it LOL - it sits in a shelf in my open bookcase of products for easy access LOL I would enjoy learning to weld with it. In the meantime, I'm happy being your teamie on DRU.

Back to your card, It is lovely! I really enjoy the matting basics from SB - they make great backdrops. It's a beautiful card in every way, Connie!

May you and hubby stay safe from these terrible storms.

Roosterhead Designs said...

Hey Connie, This card is gorgeous! Beautiful work. Love the colors, the warmth of the twine, and of course the beautiful Silhouette cut. I do not own a machine~
Beautiful work dear Connie~ Karen O

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Connie, your card is beautiful. Yes, I have a Silhouette cameo and still trying to figure out how to use it haha. I have it set up in my studio too. Wish you were here to give me some lessons.
So glad you made it home through that rough storm. We had really bad storms and tornadoes last night. Everything is okay here but many lost homes and had tons of damage just west of us. This is storm season in Texas!!
Have a blessed rest of the week. xo

Debbie said...

the image is GORGEOUS!!! so powerful and it tells a story!!!

i am glad you got home safely....the card is another beauty, i adore the yellows and blue. i know what you mean about those bulky machines, i don't have this but it does sound like it could be cumbersome!!!

dear this girl a room, she has earned it and deserves it!!!!

Monika/Buzsy said...

Such a pretty card Connie. Love the cut image... I have a silhouette machine, and I think I used it once... like you, I find it too much of a bother to get it out for one thing... love my dies. :) What a storm it must have been! Those clouds looks scary! Be safe!

Leslie Miller said...

Yikes, that storm front looks ominous! Glad you made it home safely. It sounds like a harrowing drive. I saw this weather on the news. It's been pretty mild here. Beautiful card today, Connie! Pretty blue and very feminine. Love that happy birthday cut. I've avoided getting any kind of electronic cutter machine because I don't know where I'd put it, and I know it wouldn't get used if I had to set it up each time. My die cutting makes me happy enough and it's all ready to go in my stamp room.

Cheryl said...

That black cloud would be so scary to see in person! Oh my goodness!

Your card is lovely :-) I have a little tiny cricut that my friend GAVE me... I need to get a new sticky mat for it-- but I love it, although I can only cut small things. It is an awesome invention. Every once in a while I think about getting a bigger machine, but I only use it like once a year lol....