Sunday, March 12, 2017

Botainical Gardens

My husband and I went to the St. Louis Botanical Gardens the other day, he was itching to take pictures of flowers and there just wasn't enough blooming around here.

These are the pictures I took that day, I didn't have time to go through all of them so these are from only the beginning of our day.

Check out the bee in this next picture.

This one is from my Favorite tree in the whole garden, every time we go I tell my husband I want a try just like this one, but I don't have one yet.

Hope you have a very blessed Sunday!!
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Unknown said...

I am soooooooooooo jealous! You look out my windows and it is all white....then you hear crazy crashing noises, it's the killer icicles falling off the roofline. LOVE your pretty flower photos.....c'mon Spring!!!

Ashley said...

ah, so beautiful!
gardens are such gifts..what a beautiful place to unwind and relax.

thanks for the pictures..
be blessed!

Anonymous said...

Great shots Connie, It Was a beautiful day out.

Leslie Miller said...

Ohhhhh, isn't it wonderful to see all those blooms? I think we're having a late spring here. A few plum and apple trees in bloom, and forsythia, camellias. Not a lot going on. Your pictures are gorgeous. What a beautiful day that must have been!

April said...

beautiful! TFS

Anonymous said...

Wow! Such vibrant colors! That bee is a little scary!

Have a lovely Sunday evening!

Lowcarb team member said...

Goodness, that is a fair sized bee!
Lovely flowers though, and yes, I love that last photograph!

I hope you've had a good weekend

All the best Jan

Kim said...

Lovely photos of Spring beginning to blossom, over there. Oh my, the last flower is breathtaking!

Diane said...

Wow Connie, what gorgeous pictures and it looks like a lovely sunny day. We are still having soggy weather but Spring is almost here. With Daylight saving time at least it is lighter longer.

Hugs Diane

Janice said...

Fabulous photos, it looks a beautiful garden to visit, especially this time of year!

Beth Norman said...

I love it when bloggers share their personal photos. Your spring photos are making me jeleous. Here in southern Ontario, Canada, we are expecting a big snow storm tonight.

Esther Asbury said...

Beautiful blooms! I love the picture of the tree branches!

Alex said...

I think that last one might be a magnolia of some sort?
I hope you get one sometime!
The first pic with the blossom twigs is so lovely ~ really Springy!

Unknown said...

What a joy to see flowers again! I'm so longing for them! Beautiful photos of beautiful flowers, Connie. Thank you for sharing them with us. xx Wen

Debbie said...

oh these are so pretty connie!! you started with purple and ended with purple!!!