Friday, July 7, 2017

Lost Card

Do you ever wonder how many of your home made cards actually make it to the people you are sending it to.  I made this card for my sisters birthday in June and it still hasn't made it to her, since she visits my blog I didn't want to post this yet, hoping it would make it to her but you see we have been gone to Michigan once again for the past 4 days we went up to Mackinaw city to see the firewords shot off over the water and I like to post at least every other day.

Still hoping it makes it to her some day but for now she will see it here :(

I tried to do a form of this card HERE, hers is a bit more fancy looking.  What gave me the inspiration for this is the park we went to that had two arched gates on either side of the garden that I showed in an earlier post, this garden has two gates on either side :)

It was a bear to try and cut the fence so that the fence was still part of the fold of the card instead of totally cutting it out, it might be a bit easier doing one like she showed on a curve like that.

I added some flower soft to one of the trees to make it look like a flowering tree, the rest is all colored with markers. I did cut the fence twice and glued on top of the other to give it a little more stability.

Northwoods Rubber stamp, colored w/markers
Poppystamps -- Picket fence die
Flower soft -- Sweet Pea

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by today and hope you have a great weekend!!



Esther Asbury said...

Wow! What a gorgeous card! Love the fence and the added flower soft -- great details. Hope it makes it to your sister (eventually) -- it would be a shame to lose such a gorgeous card forever!

Donna Ellis said...

Wow! It is gorgeous! I hope it is not permanently lost. It's hard to know at times which cards make it. My family never appreciated any of my cards, and never made a comment about receiving them, unless it was derogatory - I've never written that out before, and it feels icky to admit LOL Obviously, I resorted to store bought cards for them. Still, I never knew if they arrived. I hope all our cards make it to their destinations, Connie - it's such a shame for the love we poured into the artwork to become lost. One friend has told me that she has never received a card from me, but I keep a tab of who I send to. When I gave her the dates and which cards they were, she said she had never received anything, but she has troubles receiving mail. Apparently, Depending where a person lives, mailbox theft is a problem for lots of folks.

The card on Pinterest you shared is wonderful, but I especially like your beautiful garden - it's so inviting and peaceful! I hope it makes it to the proper destination so your sister can appreciate it in person!


Golden Goddess Designs said...

very nice card! USPS is getting worse and worse. They loose my cards all the time! I am in several swaps so we keep up with set of my cards finally arrived after about 17 days!!! Everyone got them about the same time, too! Amazing, did they just put my precious little cards in the corner for 2 weeks then send them on their way?!? I am in OH and peeps in MS and WA got them at the same time!!! I hope it does get to her...I had almost lost hope on that set but it finally made it to everyone!


Debbie said...

this beautiful card reminds me of the one you made for me, it is lovely!!!

i don't know why people don't acknowledge cards. i send cards and most often, people don't acknowledge them...and i am left to wonder - did they receive it??

this card is really especially beautiful!!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Connie, what an incredible card. It is just beautiful and I love anything with a picket fence leading into a garden. Sure hope your sister's card arrives soon. She will love it as well as seeing it here in your post. Losing a card has happened to me a time or two as well. Have a nice weekend and Happy July! xo

Birgit said...

What a lovely card! I just love the open gate exposing more of the scene. I do hope it arrives to your sister soon.

Donna Phelan said...

Well your card is GORGEOUS! Such a beautiful and clever design--that fence!!! I wouldn't give up hope as yet. I once mailed a card from here to MI and it took 3 months to arrive....although when it did it was all smooshed and in one of those plastic PO baggies with their apologies. I hope it arrives in all its splendid glory, it really is stunning!

Heidi MyLittleStampingBlog said...

What a real shame that this card is lost in the mail! It does happen from time to time, but this card is so beautifully done with the lovely scene and the cute added fence. Glad you could share it with her here!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!!! Bet it is even nicer in person. I keep looking for it yet thinking someone sent it back to the post office to be redelivered. Not Yet :( It sure is beautiful. Thanks for the effort.

Diane said...

Wow Connie, what a fabulous design, love the scene and dimensional fence.

Hugs Diane

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, my gosh, that is a completely amazing and gorgeous card and I really hope it eventually makes it to your sister's house! The die cut gate along with the stamped gate is so pretty in the design. Love the Flower Soft and all your coloring. Mail theft is becoming a real problem. We were victimized with unpleasant consequences. Now we have a locking mailbox which protects our incoming mail, but not the outgoing, so I take everything to the Post Office now. It's clear across town and I'm not happy I have to do it because I mail a lot of cards and it means frequent trips, but it's safer. Piles of discarded mail are found in our neighborhood frequently. When we find it we try to deliver it to the intended neighborhood recipient. Found some stuffed in our hedge once, then a pile on the street corner. Just the other day some neighbors found a pile in front of their house. A while back I was expecting a USPS package which didn't show up when I expected, so I tracked it. The tracking said "out for delivery" a couple of days earlier, which means the mail carrier had it in the truck and should have dropped it off. I contacted the Post Office, they looked around and it wasn't at the facility, but the next day the package showed up at my house. Don't know if it was lost in the mail truck or what, but just goes to show anything can happen. I think there were a couple of birthday cards in my mailbox on the day our mail was stolen. I've seen a few news stories about mail carriers dumping mail so they wouldn't have to deliver it. NOT saying that's the norm. I have great respect for the USPS and our mail carriers, but crazy things happen. So, even if I protect my outgoing mail that's not to say it will be safe on the receiving end for whatever reason. Sorry, long comment, but this topic hits very close to home.

Anonymous said...

Connie, simply gorgeous! You did a fine job with the fence. I am sure your sister will love the card you made for her!

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

This is stunning!! Love the colors!! Thanks for visiting!!

Louca por porcelana said...

Very beautiful and creative "Garden card"!Love the fence and the colors.I hope it arrives soon to your sister!Best wishes!

Kat said...

good morning Connie,

Wow that is to bad the card has not made it to your sister in law yet. I had that happen before I sent my brother something that lived one town over. I missed his house number by 1 number and it was returned to me 2 month later! Like the postman could not figure out who it was with my brothers name on it and taking 2 months to return to me was ridiculous. I literally lived 10 miles away! But still I did not know he did not get the card until the day I got it returned to me.
This card you made is stunning. I love how you made the fence to go with the background, very creative. I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July watching the fireworks!
Have a Blessed by God Day! Hugs

Daniela said...

As usual, with your masterpieces you touch my heart, Dearie !

Thank you for another wonder of yours, darling Connie, I heartily thank you !!!

In the hope you're enjoying a most lovely Sunday,
I'm sending my dearest love to you,
always thinking of you with love and gratitude


P.S.: forgive my absence, Dearie, but I'm very busy lately writing my first book and I have so little time for you all, I hope in your understanding X

Janice said...

Your card is beautiful Connie. I love how the fence and gate lead you further into the pretty garden. The added Flowersoft makes it look so real. I do hope your sister receives this eventually.

Beth Norman said...

This is an outstanding card. Probably a favourite one that you made. What a shame that it got lost in the mail. You must be so upset after putting so much sweat into this beauty.

Monika/Buzsy said...

Beautiful scene Connie. Love the fold-out gates... such a neat touch... great images! I don't mail out a lot of cards... I usually give them to my friends as gifts and hand deliver them... so I am not sure about loss mail... I am sure it is possible... we do a lot of shipping for our business and a small letter can easily get lost in the jungle of boxes and packages... hope your sister gets hers though!

Linda Walker said...

What a shame to lose this beautiful card! It looks like a tremendous amount of work. How disappointing that it did not reach your sister....perhaps in time....Linda

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, Connie, this is a GORGEOUS card, and I absolutely love the garden scene with the beautiful gate! I love your card far better than what inspired you on Pinterest. And I'm sure it's far more beautiful with the Flower Soft. BUT, I am so sorry that your sister never received this card. It's so sad to know that, and I know that there are all kinds of employees at USPS who are good. But some don't care. It's just part of our society anymore...a job is a just give it done no matter how good or bad. We always mail at the post office and don't leave anything in our mail box. We do live in a gate community, but there are still people who might want to see what's inside. I sure hope that it eventually makes it to her after all the thought and loving work you put into this card. It's stunning. I was reading through some of the comments, and it is sad that some people never acknowledge our cards. As Donna said above, those people end up with less fancy cards from me or store purchased cards. Why bother...:( But in the end, we do it hoping that the Lord will touch their hearts. That's what counts. So at least your sister can see this beautiful card! Hugs and love! xoxo

Jerri Jimenez said...

A really beautiful card Connie, I do hope your sister finally received it. I mailed a card I designed to a girlfriend who had a very serious surgery a few years back. I just found out about a year ago that she never received it. I was so upset as it was quite an intricate card that took a week to create.