Sunday, October 8, 2017

Young boy and Colorado

I try to do a little more bright cards for young kids in my family but I think I may have gone a little too bright :)  I think kids like to see their names on things so that was my inspiration for this one.

After doing his name I should have stopped there but I wanted to add a sentiment and so I used these star coasters I have had for some time to stamp the sentiment, of course I had to apply it with some really good adhesive, so that is the way it went out.

memory box -- Contour typewriter keys die (name)
Carta bella -- Alphabet junction paper
Gin-X - Starstruck Rays of sunshine coaster (star)
Gina K design- tag lines sentiment stamp
Star sequins

These pictures are the Ouray Colorado area of our trip, sorry it is taking me so long to go through the pictures.

This first picture is of a washed out road we came across, I was too nervous to go over it after seeing this view of it and my hubby was nice enough not to do it.  After talking to the guy at the hotel he said they had an avalanche there a couple  weeks prior and he said the 10 years he has been there he didn't know there was cement under there, other jeeps did go through there.

Overlook of the town of Ouray

We came across these Falls, they had an over look you could go out onto and see them better but I just took this shot at the side and went back.

Hubby out on the platform. Yep that platform is just hanging out over, I wasn't going out there.

This was at the base of another trail going up into the mountains but there was no way our car was going to make it up there, I do suggest if you go to this area that having a jeep of some kind would be good.  We were told we could probably rent one for $200 a day but we decided to just see what we could with our car.

We took country Route 5 out of Ridgeway Co. to get the sunset pictures, we had a little picnic down there and just sat and watched the sun go down, another beautiful end of the day.

Thanks for stopping by again today, hope you are enjoying your weekend.



Birgit said...

Your card is super sweet Connie and I think it's perfect just the way it is! Kids do enjoy seeing their names on things and Joey will love it! The photo's you shared are all so amazing! I wouldn't have dared cross that road either. Looks like such a fun time seeing all those beautiful sights. The colors of the sky in the last picture is amazing!!

Louca por porcelana said...

The card is great!So cheerful,I love the colors.Beautiful landscapes,dear friend!Have a lovely Sunday!

Donna Ellis said...

Hi, Connie! Your Colorado photos are incredible - I can only imagine the scents, sounds, and air kissing your face as you take these - thank you for sharing them. I've never been able to travel like this, so I appreciate all your photo shares. As for Joey's card - it could NEVER be too bright! LOL Darling lettering, and fantastic use of vibrance - just like children are - full of life, color and happiness. Beautifully done! hugs, de

Janice said...

Your card is definitely not too bright, I love it and it's just perfect for a young lad.
Fabulous holiday photos, thank you for sharing :-)

April said...

What a fun and bright card! I know Joey will really like it. Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures! I love the sunset. I would have been scared to go over the road that was washed out too!

Donna Phelan said...

Oh I like the bright happy colors, I think it's perfect! And I love the personalization and so won't Joey! Great photos!

Beth Norman said...

What an awesome card. No card is too bright in my books. Adding the name is unique. Thank you for sharing your photos with us. Yikes, a washed out road. I'd be too nervous to go over it too. Have a great week Connie.

Kim said...

I don't think your card is too bright at all, Connie. I love the jumble of all that colour. Beautiful photos of your holiday. Breathtaking scenery. I'm with you, there is no way I would be standing on that lookout. It would make me a wee bit nervous.

Leslie Miller said...

Not too bright, not too busy. I think your card is perfect! I sure do love those typewriter key letters and it does make it more special to a kid. Wonderful vacation pics, too! Gosh, they just had an avalanche a couple of weeks prior? That town looks like it's potentially in an avalanche path, doesn't it? What a beautiful area. I clicked on every photo, and I'm so glad you shared them!

Debbie said...

first - let's talk about the card, super cute and not too bright at all. it is just the right bright and colorful, very creative!!

i don't know how in the world you were able to hold on to your trip pictures, they are amazing...i always get so excited to share!! beautiful and a little bit scary but the end of the day was exquisite!!!

Anonymous said...

Connie, your outdoor adventure looks wonderful! Love the waterfall and stream. I don't think your card is too bright! LOVE the typewriter die letters. So cute!

Esther Asbury said...

Always fun to personalize cards --- love the background for your kids card!
BEAUTIFUL pictures from your trip -- always enjoy your scenery pics!

cotnob said...

A super card Connie, I love your bright and cheerful design.
Fabulous photographs, it looks like you had a wonderful trip.
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob