Saturday, November 19, 2011

Clay tiles

My husband Greg had decided he wanted to try making tiles out of  Sculpey Clay.  He did a little work with clay quite a few years ago but never tiles.  This is his first attempt, might as well go big huh :)

He started with a box he found at Hobby Lobby that had a top perfect for laying tiles into.  He rolled all the clay by hand and says he might like to get a pasta machine if he does these much more, he just couldn't achieve the same height in them all.  He raided some of my stamps to make the impressions and some charms we had in our craft stash too.... which reminded me that I need to start using them on cards again too.

He painted the tiles after they were heated in the oven with Acrylic paints, all different brands some were mettalic paint.  The box is also painted acrylic paints.

His sisters name and the date were done with clay alphabet & numbers impression plate made for clay products, and I believe that is called Premo clay, there are a few more of those tiles throughout the background.  My husband says they are alot lighter than the normal clay and can be shaved after baking very easily.  I think that kind is meant to be used for jewelry but I am not sure.

On each side he painted a different season, this one is summer.




I hope you enjoyed seeing a different craft for a change, it's always neat to see different things every once in awhile, at least I do.  He has made another one and maybe I will share that later.

Just incase you want to dabble in the clay world that premo clay is light enough to put on a card, I see original tags to make with them, or making impressions with your stamps.  Word of caution though,  Greg used one of my clear stamps on the clay and it seemed to react with it, but the rubber stamps seemed to be just fine, so I would stick to rubber stamps only with the clay.  Also wash the clay residue off after working with the clay.

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Linda Carson said...

WOW! Quite impressive! Brenda is going to love this priceless keepsake! I do have one the craft room big enough for both of you??!!

Shirley said...

Wow, Connie, he really is good and really does beautiful work! He should do all of your Christmas presents. :-)

Me, My Stamps and I said...

just beautiful and such a delicate design!!!!! WOW!!!!

Leslie Miller said...

Wow! Your husband is an artist, too! This is fabulous!

Debby said...

Wow you hubby sure is crafty.WTG!