Monday, August 5, 2013

Flannel Coasters

I decided to go with flannel fabric for these coasters, thought they would be nice for the upcoming fall season.  The colors she had for her wedding were blue and yellow so these ended up going great with her wedding theme :)

I can't give you a link for the pattern since I got the idea for a pattern in a quilt in a magazine, I believe the squares were 2 7/8 and you laid the two fabrics right sides together, draw a diagonal line from one end to the other and sew a 1/4 inch from the drawn line on both sides and then cut them on the drawn line, open it up and you will have two blocks, takes  4 of them to make one coaster. I am thinking they ended up being a little over 4 inches but can't remember for sure.

Here is a close up of one them.

Hope you enjoyed a relaxing weekend, and the week ahead is a great one!

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Stephanie said...

Very cute, Connie! I have always liked the pinwheel pattern and the coasters are such a great idea.

Hugs to you!

Me, My Stamps and I said...

these are so CUTE!!!! I bet you had fun making them!!!