Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Shutter Valentine card

Since my daughter is very busy with work, college and her hubby, I figured I could share the card I made her for Valentine's day, you will have to wait until after to see what I did for my hubby, he checks my blog every now and then and I want it to be a surprise :)

This was another challenge in my stamp group, we had to do a shutter card, it didn't need to have the band but I like how it helps keep it closed and more fun to remove it wondering what is inside, and there had to be stamping on the front and inside.

HERE is the link to the video showing how to make this card.  This is the outside with the band on it, you want the band to be a bit lose or it is hard to get it on and off.

I had to add a little premade flower to the center of the heart and punched a border  on the band.

Here it is opened:

It was fun to make and my daughter likes the ones I send that do a little something extra.  I had to trim the ends of the inside a little more so that it opened and closed a bit smoother and I think she says that in the video or it is written and I didn't see that until I was having problems with it working smoothly and reread or watched the video a few more times.

BasicGrey -- Sugar Rush paper
Hero Arts -- All Occasions messages (for inside of card)
Stampin up -- Say it Simply stamp set on band
Martha Stewart -- border punch
Spellbinders -- classic sq. lg. die
Wilton -- fabric flower

Here are a couple pictures from our trip to find an Eagle that I was telling you about last week.

The first my hubby wrote on the picture how far away the Eagle was when we spotted it across the river. I took this picture with my point and shoot so we would remember how far away it was, the next two of the pictures are taken with his nice camera with a big lens that could capture it across the river.

Those were all taken from the Missouri side of the river, the eagle was on the Illinois side, so we drove around back to the Illinois side and walked down this nature preserve about a mile to where we saw the eagle and he flew away as soon as my hubby came up, he was so bummed, we started walking back to the car and I said now watch he will land on our car and tease us and fly away again and maybe 5 minutes later he landed on a tree right in front of us and my hubby was able to get these shots of him.

My hubby was bummed about all the branches being in the way but still happy to have seen an eagle in the wild that close up.

Hope your week is going well so far, thanks so much for stopping by,



Prairie Pines Sewing Room said...

Very pretty and creative Valentine's Day Card! Love your photo's of the Eagle. Such a magnificent bird.

Kim said...

Sweet Valentine's Day card, Connie. Another lovely card filled with oodles of little extras and creative delight. How fortuitous to capture the Eagle in the wild. Wonderful photos.

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Such a lovely Valentine's Card, Connie - so special to receive, too! How exciting to see the eagle and get up so close! Great photos! xx K

Christine said...

It opens up like a gift which it is! Made with love & it shows!
Really enjoyed the photos of the eagle & the lake too!

Debbie said...

such a magical moment...i am still waiting really and although they are here, i never get to see them. tell hubby that bare branches and much better than branches filled with leaves!!!

gorgeous blue skies, they are wonderful captures!!!!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Connie, what a lovely card. Your daughter will love it. I like how it opens too. Very creative details!!
Your hubbies photos are amazing and to get such a great shot even with the branches is special.
Wishing you a great day!! xo

Daniela said...

How I love your Valentine's Day card, you always leave in awe with your stunning creations, my dearest one !
I also love your hubby's shots of that wonderful eagle, they're so gorgeous !

Have a blessed evening you both and a Happy Valentine's Day,
sending dear love and hugs

Alex said...

That is very, very sweet for your daughter! I'm sure she'll love it.
OH, goodness, I'm glad you got such good shots of the eagle after travelling all that way to track him down! Magnificent bird, look at that beak! - it must have been exciting to see him close up :)
We have golden eagles,and sea eagles, in the UK and those both only in Scotland.
Have a lovely Valentine's week end, Connie!

Susan (rainy) said...

Such an awesome Valentine's card for your daughter. Love the special design.
Cool pics of the eagle, too!

Leslie Miller said...

That is pretty close for an eagle. Great shots and thanks for sharing! Sweet Valentine for your daughter! I keep telling myself to make a gatefold card, but I always forget. You're so good about varying your crafting.

Roosterhead Designs said...

I love your valentine card Connie!! Beautiful details and creative fold.
The photo's of the eagle are Stunning!! Thanks so much for sharing. It is rare indeed; so glad you had that opportunity!
Take care, Karen O