Thursday, March 3, 2016

Requested Cards

In my cardmaking group there were a few requests for cards.

The first is a little boy in one of the girls hometown has Neuroblastoma Cancer and is in the hospital, he loves getting mail from all over the country and she asked if we would all like to send him cards.  I found this image from a Mary Engelbreit calendar and I feel anybody fighting cancer is a superhero so I chose it for his card.

DCWV -- Earth prints paper
Mary Engelbriet -- daily calendar image
Coaster board star cut outs
wink of stella --clear glitter pen on the stars

The second card is for the father in law of one of the girls in the group who had the accident a little while back that I shared with you, his wife died in the accident and he is now out of the hospital but is in a nursing home.  She said that she thinks he could use cards of encouragement more than sympathy cards and I found this old stamp set that had the perfect sentiment.

I now wish I would have went with brighter color paper, but I am usually drawn to darker colors when doing masculine cards.

My sentiments exactly -- Little birdie stamp set
DCWV -- Tattered time paper

We had to wait over an hour at the DMV for my drivers license renewal and eye test.  My hubby stood in the other line to get the stickers for the plates and that didn't take near as long.  He ended up taking 3 pictures of me, the first he said there was too much glare with my glasses, then I noticed I was blinking just before he took the picture so I tried to hold my eyes open so I wouldn't blink and he said, oh we are going to have to take that over you have a tensed look on your face and sure enough it looked awful, so I blinked a lot before he went to take the picture and the 3rd try came out good.

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop in today,



Debbie said...

wow!!! a great group doing amazing things!! the cards are really special, made with lots of love and would truly brighten the gloomiest of days!!! i love mary's images, this is such a great way to repurpose them!!!

Dreaming of Vintage said...

Wonderful and thoughtful cards Connie! Nothing is more awesome then an encouragement card! In IL we have DMV quick stops, which are so convenient. The quick stops are only for id and license renewal, unless you have to take the paper or road test, license plate renewals, misc. The employees are much more nicer too. No more waiting, waiting and waiting at the actual DMV anymore. I really dislike that place!

Diane said...

Oh Connie what lovely cards I really like the Mary Engelbreit print.

Hugs Diane

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Connie, You designed beautiful cards for the little boy and man. Love the designs. They will truly give the encouragement needed.
Nothing like a day at the DMV. So glad it's not a place we have to go to that often. It's always a long wait here too.
Have a nice weekend ahead. xo

Alex said...

Hey, Connie! Love the cards ~ you really do reach out and bless so many people.
Very touching stories of both recipients.

Leslie Miller said...

These cards are just beautiful and perfect for their intended purposes. Such sad situations, both, and I'm so sorry. Hey, at least they went to the trouble to retake the photos. I've only ever had one shot and they usually turn out looking awful! My husband looks like a criminal in his.

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Once again, so pretty!!
Thanks again for stopping by!!


Daniela said...

The first card you've sent to that poor little boy is so joyful, dearest Connie, I'm sure it put a smile on his face and the second one is so meaningful and lovely, the love in your heart knows no bounds, truly, and I love ypu so much for this !

May your weekend be blessed with the deepest joy ever, sweetie,
with sincere gratitude

Roosterhead Designs said...

Great work Connie! OMgoodness; very inspiring and creative~ You are a blessing to so many Connie. Love both cards~ Karen O