Thursday, August 24, 2017

Sparkle Butterflies

When I saw this package of unused butterfly Dazzle stickers at the yard sale at my LSS I had to get them, they weren't much cheaper than what you can buy them at the store but I haven't seen them in any stores and I didn't have to pay shipping to buy them on line so it was a win win :)

I decided to place mine on a piece of patterned paper that I thought would make a pretty center and fussy cut around the sticker, I only placed the glue dots behind the center of the butterfly so the wings could still have dimension.

I really like how feminine this turned out, as you can see there are all sizes of butterflies in this set. I tied a separate bow and attached it to the card by sewing it on with the jute.

Hot off the press -- Butterfly Dazzles, backed with patterned paper and fussy cut
Teresa Collins - He said she said paper
Spellbinders -- Back to basics tag die
Hot off the press - Tiny words and Phrases Dazzles sentiment
Dashes, Dots and Checks - ribbon

I didn't mention in my last post but I had my phone in my pocket to take cell phone shots of the day of the eclipse also, well since I didn't want to use the port potty again at the Fort I decided to just wait until we got home to go to the bathroom, upon finishing, my phone popped out of my pocket and into the toilet, thank goodness it was after I had flushed but the water came back in and flooded it and I didn't know that you were suppose to shut it off immediately, well let's just say I fried my phone.  We put it in Rice and the whole bit and nope nothing there.  I was really surprised how many times in that day that I was without my phone how many times I went to use it for things.  Needless to say, hubby didn't like that he couldn't text me from work whenever he wanted to so we went in yesterday and bought me another one.  How many of you are attached to your phones?

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by today!



Heidi MyLittleStampingBlog said...

Your card is beautiful and very feminine. I love how you did the butterfly (I was just looking at my butterfly stickers and thinking about what to do with them, so I am glad to have more ideas) and the lovely layout you used with the doily.

I am sorry about your phone! I can live without mine, but when it was being repaired, there were several things I had to alter to do without it, including going home the long way because I wasn't sure of the shortcut and couldn't navigate. Enjoy your new phone!

April said...

What a lovely, feminine card! This is s wonderful layout.

Kim said...

What ever did we do before the mobile phone?? I don't know how many times I hear stories of phones falling into toilets; it is so easy to do. This card is very pretty, Connie. The pretty paper doily and butterflies are very sweet. Love how you have used the ribbon to 'wrap' it all in.

baili said...

you turned it into a magnificent piece of art Connie!!!
this looks elegantly beautiful.
loved the smallest butterfly how cute

Donna Phelan said...

Totally a win/win! Love the split background design, that beautiful butterfly and pretty doily! This is FAB!

Donna Ellis said...

I did not know you were supposed to turn your phone off if it got wet. Thanks for the info - and it makes sense now that you say it, but I really did not know it either! Sorry about your phone-friend, but did you have everything backed to the cloud so you didn't lose the photos or anything else? I hope so!

Your butterfly creation is darling, with the most uniquely placed sparkles and die cuts! I want my buttons to have tied twine like this! WAHHHHH! I want bow twine in my buttons. LOL Isn't it funny that we covet the things we cannot do? LOL WONDERFUL creation.

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Love this darling frilly card! The butterflies work perfect with the feminine theme you have, and what a nice way to use up a special find! I understand just how terrible it is to drop your phone in the toilet... my daughter had just gotten her first phone, and it fell in the toilet, as it was flushing... and it was GONE! lol... well, it was a cheap phone, so it wasn't a big deal to replace, but yes, we are terribly attached to the silly things! I wish we weren't, but they do make life more convenient, lol!

Leslie Miller said...

Those are some very pretty butterflies and I love how you put the large one on designer paper. It's beautiful! The finished card is lovely and feminine with the pretty papers, doily, and ribbon. I've never had an accident with my phone, but the prospect chills me because of the expense. If anything ever happened to it I'd probably find I'm a lot more attached to it than I think I am.

Debbie said...

that is the perfect word for this card, feminine!!! and how perfect, my butterflies are emerging and we have release three so far!!

i won't use a porta-potty, i don't even like to use potties when i'm out!!!

Lowcarb team member said...

That looks a great card.

I've not yet had an accident with my phone, which probably means I'm due one soon LOL!

Hope you have a lovely weekend

All the best Jan

Birgit said...

Your card is so feminine and beautiful! What a stunning butterfly too! Don't you just love happy finds like that? Sorry about your phone mishap. Yikes!

Mia said...

Beautiful romantic card, pretty sparkling butterflies and great background. I love it, my friend. Kisses.

Louca por porcelana said...

Hi Connie!Very beautiful card,so dainty and sweet...Sorry about your phone.It never happened to me (until this moment),the great problem here is about to have your cell phone stolen,happens all the time.Mine is too old and I don't have internet in it,so thiefs don't want my phone!Lol!I apologize for my English...Have a lovely weekend!

R's Rue said...


Janice said...

Such a pretty card, I love the butterfly and the doily, so delicate.

UplayOnline said...

feminine card! This is s wonderful layout.

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