Friday, March 9, 2018

Birthday Garland and Blue Heron

I am not even going to say how long I have had this birthday garland die, so it was about time it was used.  All those little hearts stars and flowers on the garland are little dies that come in the set so I just cut them out and applied them to the garland. I also added some crystal glaze to the sentiment to give it a bit of shine. The pretty roses were a freebie from a British magazine, just added a die cut to put them on. The little bow under the roses is also from the garland die set.

Spellbinders - Happy Birthday Garland cut twice, Floral Doily Motif, A2 matting basics A dies
Quick cards - Parisian dreams paper collection and rose diecuts
Nuvo - crystal glaze on the sentiment

Now on to more of our Mississippi trip, after having lunch we went back to the water, this time in Biloxi, when we pulled up we saw this beautiful Blue Heron.

He didn't seem to be too scared of us so I just started taking pictures and he let me get him from all kinds of angles.

It is so amazing how tall they are.

This gentlemen asked us if we would like to see one eat a fish, and we said yes, so he went to his truck got out this net, through it in and caught a fish.

It reminded us of Jesus telling the disciples to throw their nets in to catch the fish.

You could tell this bird was getting so excited when he saw him throwing the net into the water. He threw the fish and the bird caught it.

He started leaving us and we were hoping he wouldn't go far.

It didn't take long for another bird to come along and try to take it from him, but he just wasn't having that.

I can't even tell you how many pictures I took of him eating this fish but he finally got it down.

If you look back at the first picture and then look at this last one you can see how big his neck gets to accommodate the fish. 

It is nice talking to the locals because we found out that after Katrina Hurricane went through Biloxi this area is now just a park, but it was once full of very expensive yachts, we saw many areas that are just now rebuilding and many empty lots that you can see a parking lot is there but no building and the land is for sale.  I noticed when my husband was driving through that in the center median of the road every now and then there was a carving, I wondered then if they were carved out of dead trees and so I googled it when we got home and that is exactly what they did after Katrina took out so many trees, if you want to read about it HERE is one article that I found.  I am so bummed now that we didn't get any pictures of them ourselves but it was very busy traffic when we went through.

Thanks for hanging in there with me through all these pictures.

Hope you enjoy a great weekend,


Heidi MyLittleStampingBlog said...

What a nice feminine card. The garland sentiment is a nice die! I am sure it takes some patience to glue all the flowers on.

I love your photos of the heron. That is so funny that a man caught a fish to feed it! How kind!

Louca por porcelana said...

Cute card!So romantic!Your pictures are neat and lovely!Hugs!

Sandra said...

My Aunt and Uncle live in Biloxi and they were there during the Hurricane. They sent pictures of the carved trees. They are wonderful and a sight to see if possible. They told us of the changes of the before and after the Hurricane. All so sad. My Aunt lives near the ocean and could walk along the beaches. Sounds so different from the beaches we grew up with in California. So very crowded and hard to ever find a parking space. I love the pictures of the bird letting you take his picture and how it got the fish! Sounds like another special day out for you. P.S. - the Happy Birthday card is very pretty!

Janice said...

Pretty card, I love the garland under the sentiment.
Great photos too!

Donna Phelan said...

Interesting trip, cool pics too! Love the card. That Birthday Garland is awesome. Like it as you have used it here, or you could even crop all the bits apart, so many options--that's a great die for your money!

Beth Norman said...

Look at that cute gardland. I wonder if it was painstakingly difficult to achieve. Beautiful card.

My sister lives in Gulfport, MS, where the eye of Katrina hit. I was there three months after the hurricane and couldn't believe my eyes.

Your herring isn't shy at all. Nice photos Connie.

Donna Ellis said...

Wow! You captured amazing shots during your trip, Connie! They are incredible! The Gulf Coast really is a wondrous adventure - so much to see, smell and experience! Your card is darling! I love the Happy Birthday floral garland! hugs, de

Leslie Miller said...

That garland is so cute! Makes you wonder why it takes so long to use things sometimes, doesn't it? I'm always dragging my feet and then marveling over it later. Pretty card, and with another lovely magazine freebie. You got some amazing photos of the crane! Must be good fishing if it was netted so easily. Nice that he did that for you! I looked at the website with the sculptures, too. Wow!! Such beauty from such devastation. They are fantastic!

Diane said...

Great card design Connie and wow love all the pictures. You know we have Blue Heron is our area and they are generally out in the farm fields I guess they get lizards, mice and small things.

Hugs Diane

Cheryl said...

When I think of a garland, I picture a huge garland... that is itsy-bitsy! I was like, "Where is the garland?" lol.... card is fabulous as usual :-)

The photo of that man tossing his net in the water to feed the bird made me smile. What an awesome guy to do that for you... and the bird!

Debbie said...

that's a pretty card connie, i love the idea of the garland!! i think i like the girly cards best, hehehehe, for obvious reasons!!!

LOVE the heron pictures, i need to do that...catch a fish to lure those herons to me!!!! i am enjoying your vacation pictures!!! and btw, i have a pretty good idea of how many pictures you took BECAUSE, i know how many i take!!!!

Monika/Buzsy said...

What a pretty card Connie. Love that garland and the doily with the sweet little flowers. Such pretty, pastel colors. Perfect for Spring (which is on the way! slowly). Looks like you had a great time on your trip. Nice pictures! I checked out those sculptures! They are amazing!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet garland and flower card, Connie. And that heron has such a long long neck. ;-)