Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Crochet hangers

A group of Ladies and I from church get together every other week and bring in the crafts we are working on and have fellowship, it is a fun time and so neat to see what everyone is working on at the moment.  Last week I was not ready with a new project so I just took some hangers and leftover yarn and crocheted some more hangers for my closet, I know there are pretty patterns for hangers but this is quick and easy.  I make a chain by measuring around the hanger as I go when it is at the length I like, you add 3 more chains, this will be your first double crochet, then you just double crochet two rows. Then I just slip stitch it right on to my hanger.  I love this for those sweaters you hang just for the season or those items that tend to slip off the hangers the crocheting helps keep it on the hanger.

Well we did get the snow they predicted and it is still coming down.  Just got a text from our daughter she has almost fallen 3 times trying to get to class at college.  I was afraid of the same thing so I cancelled the appointment I had today for the vet, figure the furbabies can wait another week or so for their shots :)
Hope you all are safe and warm, and thanks for stopping by,


ChristineCreations said...

We used to do those all the time too! They look so nice in a closet and all your coats stay on them nicely!

Have fun in your snow....ours is piled so high I don't know where we'll put more!

Anonymous said...

I remember these when I was a kid... I used to have a closet full of them! lol! You did a great job! :) We just got a dumping of snow too... it was almost gone here, then *POOF*. Not so much anymore... ;)

Keri Lee Sereika said...

Connie this is an awesome idea! Wow how cool!