Monday, January 3, 2011

Cross-stitch card

Yesterday was a busy day, I had office duty at church so I had to be there by 8am.  Got home from church at 12:30, made lunch, and then it was time to pack up our daughter to go back to college, I think she took more food back with her than anything else, we had the trunk and the back seat full.  We were 15 miles from the college when she asked me about her sheets and towels I said they were in the canvas bag and she said OH NO I don't remember packing that, we called back home to Husband who said yep it's still here, so there we were almost 45 minutes into the drive and had to turn around to get her two sets of sheets and all her towels, so by the time I got back home last night it was late.

Today I am posting a cross-stitch card I made.  I love combining both of these crafts into one.  For my pattern I used those cross-stitch calendars. In order for it to fit on the card I had to make my card a 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 card. The background paper is K& co. and I stitch the aida cloth right onto cardstock with my sewing machine.

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ChristineCreations said...

WOW this is beautiful! What lovely cross-stitching!