Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Birthday Bunny

This card measures 5 x 6 1/2 inches, this is a large stamp that needed a large die to frame it.

Quite the story behind this card, I wanted to give a go at no line look for this image, you can see what I mean by that in in this post by Leslie .  I was blessed with this card at Christmas and look at it every day, I thought I would try it again, I have tried it before but just can't achieve that look.  Well I colored the whole image and I hated it so that went into the trash and I started again with black ink this time, really liked the way it turned out but at the last minute when I sat back and looked at it, I  decided to add a butterfly from the set and when I went to open my Spectrum noir marker, I pulled the top right off and out rolled the ink holder from inside the marker all over my image, well across the face and up to the right and corner of the image, I think I gasped so hard that I about took my breath away.  All that after coloring this image through twice.  What was on the face was fairly light so I went to thinking how can I fix what is above her head and went about stamping, coloring and cutting out a lot of flowers to cover up the ink spill, as I was doing that I thought of my clear blending pen and how I have seen people use it to lift color before, so I took my blender pen and went gently over the marks on her face, would let it dry while I was doing the other flowers and would come back and remove a little more, I did this 4 times and as you can see it worked fairly well you can hardly see any marker on the bunnies face, wow what a relief.  I wondered if I could do that to the bigger marks above but decided since I had already did all those flowers I might as well use them.

I added a few more flowers around the image to balance that right top corner off a bit, and yes the tag is strategically added there to cover ink marks.

This stamp set came from Quick cards magazine, also purchased at Barnes and Nobles.  Leslie mentioned in a comment that she has seen these magazines at JoAnns also so if you don't have a Barnes and Nobles in your area but you do have a JoAnns you can check that out.  The paper also came in a pack from a magazine but I forgot to write down which one.

Bunny stamp by Michael Abram's, Quick cards magazine, colored w/markers
Spellbinders -- Majestic Labels 25 die
Martha Stewart -- leaf punch, scored and tag punch
Stamps of Life -- Postmarks 2 stamp sentiment stamp
Stickles -- yellow for flower centers
Stampendous -- iridescent sticker on tag

Looks like we got a good two inches maybe a little more of snow last night.  Really weird to see when I got up this morning that there was fog hovering about 10 feet in the air over the snow, I tried to get a picture when the sun came up a little more on my husbands camera, so I don't know if you will be able to see it or not, I don't really know how to use his fancy camera, I still use my point and shoot :)

Hope your staying warm and are having a good week so far,
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Sherry @ Thrift My House said...

Very pretty Connie! We're expecting snow this weekend, maybe... ice, sleet, freezing rain too :( I hope it's all snow.

Anonymous said...

As they always say, there are no mistakes in crafting...just opportunities to make it better! :-) You did a great job!!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet bunny. I love the pastel touches! That is so odd about the fog. It sounds very ominous!

Leslie Miller said...

This is so dang cute, Connie! Utterly adorable bunny image and the end result of the whole card is fabulous despite all the trials and tribulations. I've had many ink blob boo boos to cover up. It happens every time I watercolor. And I frequently have to use my blender pen for smudges when I use Copics. Guess I'm just a messy crafter! Also, I was not at all happy the first time or two with my no-line coloring. I don't know if I've seen Quick Cards specifically at Joann's but, gosh, this stamp set is quite a bonus. It would be irresistible! I'll have to go back to Joann's and take another look at those magazines!

Dreaming of Vintage said...

Beautiful card Connie! That bunny image is so sweet!

Daniela said...

Oh my goodness, what a sweetness in this last card of yours, I'm tempted to pick it up and to put it on my heart ( if it only could be possible, of corse ! ) !

May your Wednesday be wonderful
sending so much love to you

Debbie said...

oh connie, i don't know how you have so much patience, but on this one you certainly did the right thing!!! the card is adorable and would also be a great fit at easter time.

i really like the flowers, they were a great addition so....good thing you had that tragedy!!!!

now after all that, you should keep it and frame it, all of your cards are worthy of a frame!!! xo

Juliz Design Post said...

Such a pretty card Connie. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Julie x

Me, My Stamps and I said...

Such a sweet card!!! Great design and the flowers you added
are just the perfect balance!!!