Saturday, March 2, 2019

Alley Springs Mill

Finishing up today with our trip we took in early February. I had shared back in this post Here when we first went to this park in Missouri. That time it was a very HOT day, but this time it was perfect temperatures, so much more enjoyable.  As you can see by some of the pictures I took more time taking pictures of the clear and blue water there, maybe because there was such a lack of green anywhere else :)

It sure had a different feel to it in the winter compared to the summer. But I just love the clear waters here, to be able to see all that is going on with the plants that grow in the water.

You knew I had to get those tree roots in there didn't you :)

As we were heading back to cross the bridge to the walk back to the parking lot, the sun peeked out and so we took some last final pictures of the sun shinning on the mill.

I also liked the way the sun was hitting this tree and the blue skies popping through the clouds behind.

While I was waiting for my hubby to get his last pictures, I was watching these two fly around in circles above the mill and so I tried to get a picture of them zooming my lens as far as I could, the details didn't show up so well.

This was the only green I could see on any trees :)

As we are getting ready to get yet another snow storm starting early tomorrow morning, I am so thankful for the days like this that we had where we were able to enjoy a day with no coats and to soak up the sun whenever it popped out.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful and creative weekend!



Connie said...

Hi Connie,
It was lovely taking a stroll with you through this beautiful corner of the world. Spring is on the way. We are having terrible snow storms here in the northwest and in a couple of days our daughter and grands will be driving home through it all. Please put them in your prayers as well as Steve and I. You have no idea how much the prayers of my blogging sisters have encouraged us, thank you. We feel the love:)
God bless you and your family.
Connie :)

Heidi MyLittleStampingBlog said...

What a really pretty location, your first photo is especially good!

Kim said...

Lovely photos, Connie. I love the sculptural beauty of the winter trees; the branches and roots. The red mill looks fabulous in that setting; raised up high beside the beautiful blue river. Winter landscapes are magic, aren't they.

April said...

These pictures are beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I love your card in the post below too!

Esther Asbury said...

Beautiful pictures, Connie. Love how the red mill stands out in the photos.

Leslie Miller said...

I remember this place from before and it's as beautiful now as it was then, but in a different way. That red building sure shines bright in the sunshine! The water is so clean and beautiful. There's a whole other world underneath it. Your photos are always so fun to see and you make me want to get out and about. Believe it or not, we've packed up the motorhome for a day trip tomorrow. We're trusting the weather forecast is correct for a sunny day. We'll just go for a long drive down the coast and stop for lunch on the way down, then dinner on the way back. We'll eat in the RV with the dogs, of course. Fun!

Debbie said...

there is something about a bare, winter landscape that looks beautiful in pictures. your images are superb connie, the red mill is a lovely!!!

this looks to be the perfect spot for a girl, her guy and a camera or two!!!

aussie aNNie said...

Amazing journey for me, just love these kind of photos.xx thanks.

Birgit said...

What a beautiful place to visit. That mill is so picturesque! Thanks for sharing a bit of your trip with us!

Darlene said...

These photos are AWESOME! I could feel the sunshining down and I walked along this babbling brook with you! WELL DONE my friend ... always such a pleasure to take these little trips with you & your hubby! We too are expecting another snow (I'm SO DONE with winter! lol) but Spring promises to be right around the corner. There were actually EIGHT robins in my crab apple tree out front yesterday ... that's a very good sign! HUGS and thanks again for sharing!

Donna Ellis said...

Wow~ I am so impressed with the color in the water since the sky is not real blue - isn't it incredible - of course it is, that's why you have the photos LOL - The Mill itself is wonderfully preserved with that marvelously traditional red paint. Sure is BIG! I DO love the way you captured the roots on that leaning tree, and how Fall's leaves are nestled safely in the crevices. The clean water coming through the bridge is beautiful! Looks so pure! Thank you for sharing your excursion, my friend! xx

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Wow loved the pickies Connie. Lord bless and keep you all safe in the snow storms. As I sit surrounded by green outside I can't imagine what its like to not see any but a bit of moss.
Lord bless and thanks for your encouragement on my Christian blog too.
Hugs Shaz in Oz.x

Beth Norman-Roberts said...

You do go on lots of adventures, don't you. No growing grass under your feet--LOL. Fabulous photos. I love that red mill.