Saturday, January 12, 2019

Winter snow storm

Well we did get the snow they had predicted, they said this morning so far we have 10 inches and it is still snowing, possible 1-3 more today with possible sleet this afternoon, that should make a mess even messier.  There were people over on the Missouri side that had to spend the night on the interstate because the conditions were so bad and because of the hills the cars just kept sliding they couldn't get traction, but this morning they have been able to get it cleared again, although the traffic is moving at a crawl because over there it is snowing harder than this side of the Mississippi river.

I took a picture just before posting to show you what it looks like out my back door.

Now to share the card I made for my great nephew, turning 15.

I cut the strip with the numbers and wrote in the reasons he is Awesome, but then the last two wrote Happy Birthday.  I did pop up the awesome tag when I realized it was going to cover up my writing so he could turn the card and still read them.

It is so hard to come up with original cards for all the great nephews I have.

Thanks so much for stopping by today,



Debbie said...

such a cute cards connie!! i am sure it is difficult to come up with original ideas, especially for the boys!!

i am jealous of your snow, we still haven't gotten any. maybe tomorrow, fingers crossed!!!

Diane said...

Wow Connie, that is a lot of snow. Stay warm. Really fun card design.

Hugs diane

Leslie Miller said...

Gosh, Connie, we're having a stretch of rather warm and pretty days, so our weather is quite different from yours. It can change so much in a short distance! You make those boys' cards look easy! I especially like the sentiment panel on this one. It's perfect for a teen and I know it will make him smile!

Esther Asbury said...

I love the way you personalized your card for your nephew! Such a fun idea! I'm slightly jealous of your snow --- I think they're calling for "frozen mix" here....leaning towards freezing rain!

Kim said...

I should think it would be difficult to come up with an original card each time, Connie, as you imagine so, so many cards......but you always do!! Your nephew's card is awesome. =) My goodness that is a lot of snow; but oh how pretty it looks. It is certainly chilly up there. A lovely warm and sunny Summer's day down here today......sorry. =)

Louca por porcelana said...

I agree with Kim,you are so creative!Pretty card as ever!Keep warm and safe.Best wishes,dear friend.

Anonymous said...

Your snow is so pretty, Connie! I read about the people trapped in their cars. That is awful. I hope they had blankets or something to stay warm!

Your card is adorable. Who doesn't want to be awesome!

aussie aNNie said...

Beautiful snow could do with some of that down under...great card

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

O MY!! It does look so pretty!! I do like snow but I am just so tired of having to drive in it as hospitals do not have snow days. But this is y last Winter working so I jut have to make it through this Winter....Stay safe in this storm, my friend!!

Darlene said...

WOW! That's a LOT of snow ... glad we didn't get that much ... only 3-4" here in Akron, OH. Very pretty but feel for those stuck out in it! Glad you're staying safely tucked in your crafting room!
Your card is fabulous and I'm sure he will love it!!

Janice said...

Perfect card for your great nephew! Amazing amount of snow, not so good if you have to go out in it.

Bev Polen said...

What a unique and striking birthday card, Connie! Sweetie, please keep the snow up your way! I like my sunshine! LOL

Lowcarb team member said...

That looks a lot of snow!
Lovely card.

All the best Jan