Friday, January 28, 2022

Winter drive

 Hi all, I finally went through all the pictures, it was hard to pick which ones to share but here they are.  We drove along the Mississippi, looking for Eagles, yes we saw a couple but they were too far away to get pictures.  Then the Mississippi and the Illinois rivers split and we drive the rest of the way along the Illinois river.  

Before heading up to the snow covered trees we went down to the docks at Pere Marquette and checked out the birds that hang out down there.  I have not looked up what kind of birds these are, we have to stay far away because they are all very nervous and fly away by any sudden noises or movement.

This first one was sitting on the dock, I was able to get a few pictures of him before he was scared by some people walking up and talking loud, then the poor thing tried to land and it is ice and he did a little dive.

This next one was even farther away, and he didn't stay around long either.

After they were gone we went up to the park, to take the drive up the mountain and they had a closed sign, we think it is because there are some very steep hills and it is windy with no guards, if you slip you are going down the mountain.  So we went out and started driving back when hubby remembered a back way to get into the park so we took the back roads and finally found the back entrance and that was not closed so we headed in and were not disappointed we found our snow covered trees :)

I just love the sun shining through the trees.

We were coming around a bend in the road and this is the first thing we saw, this snowman so happy to see us :)

The sun was starting to set so we thought we better make our way back down the hill, hubby stopped in the middle of the road so I took this picture out the front windshield.

We made it down to Grafton Illinois by the time the sun was glowing on the river so we stopped and got these pictures of the sunset.

I like how this last one shows the bit of ice that was along the shore, breaking up but still glistening in the sunset.

I hope you enjoyed our little drive we took, it was great to get out and drive along the river again!

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by today,



Daniela said...

Absolutely fascinating, Winter gifts us such vivid colors at the dawn and at the sunset, they're often unique, lucky you who were able to catch them!
I also love your snow and your herons we also have them living here on our river together with storks.
May your weekend be filled with blessings, Connie dear
XO Daniela at ~ My little old world ~ (Dany)

Debbie said...

these are wonderful connie, i enjoyed all of them. you did so well capturing the heron in flight, just like a pro!! drives in the car can be so much fun, nothing but the road, our camera and our favorite companion!!the image of the snow and the sunset...quite remarkable!!

Debbie said...

and to answer you question from my blog: the chicken was awesome!! hot, fresh and super juicy!! definitely picture worthy but i devoured it the minute it hit the table. i got corn bread stuffing, (which they only have on thursday) and mashed potatoes!! this meal was well thought out and well planned out. i definitely had to have the cornbread stuffing, thus if we were doing it, it had to be on a thursday!!! trust me when i tell you, i was waiting. most other people left when they heard the wait was 30 minutes!!

Lisa said...

Great pictures from your drive. That snowman looks so happy to see anyone driving by and I am sure that it brought a big smile to you and your hubby when you saw it. I love the snow covered trees and how the light hits them. Those images are just beautiful.

Esther Asbury said...

Lovely photos of your little drive! I especially love the river at sunset pictures.

Darlene said...

Awesome photos Connie ... you know how much I LOVE going on these little adventures with you & Greg through photos! Thanks for that ... brightened my day!

Beth Norman-Roberts said...

You are a fabulous photographer Connie. You must have a good camera. Those snowy trees are so pretty, but then so are your other photos. The first thing I thought about with the combination of hike and snow was your foot.

JD/ Jill said...

You took some wonderful pics. I really enjoyed them...(sort of felt like I was riding along with you). They would all make great post cards. Thanks for sharing!

Louca por porcelana said...

Beautiful pictures. Xoxo.

Kim said...

What a lovely drive you went on, Connie. Fabulous photos, especially the one of the happy snowman with the sun filtering through the snow capped trees. That must have caused both you and your husband to smile.

Lowcarb team member said...

I am just so pleased you shared these photographs, I certainly enjoyed seeing them. I particularly like the one with the snowman in it, it's fabulous.

All the best Jan

Em Louise Fairley said...

So pretty xoxo

Leslie Miller said...

Winter is a great time to get out and about because you don't get as many opportunities. I can feel how wonderful this day trip was and I'm glad you got to do it and then share the pics. You know I love them. I smiled BIG when I scrolled down to the snowman. He did look so happy to see you! I was so intrigued by the plaid wall along the water in the heron pictures. Even after I clicked for close ups it took a while to realize it's shadows and water stain that gives it the plaid pattern. So cool! Life is full of little surprises. Thank you so much for sharing, Connie, and also thank you for being such a good blog friend. Hugs!