Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Mixed media challenge

Going back to the challenges my stamp group had a few weeks ago, this time one of the girls challenges was to do a mixed media project. You had to have some kind of texture, color and embellishments along with stamping.  This is way out of my comfort zone, and I had in mind to do a canvas for this project, well while looking for my canvas (which I never found) I came across these Body Forms that I had won off a blog many years ago and I never did do anything with them.

I started off with my color and I used paint as my choice of medium.  I used Spun sugar and Lettuce distress paints on the form.

Then came the texture and I decided to use molding paste but I didn't want it to be white, so I added Lime green glitter to the paste, let me just say here right now that was quite the mess to clean up, especially off my stencil I used, but I totally loved the results.

While that was drying, I set out to figure out what stamp I would use with it and then I remembered my new Heartfelt creations Woodsy wonderland stamps I had bought that had flowers and I thought they might look neat at the base.  I am thinking about coloring another set and adding them to the back of the base, might be neat to have them all around the base and not just in the front.  I colored them with markers.

Then came figuring out what embellishments I wanted and decided to do a necklace, so I went through my small gems and beads and found this cut bead heart and added gems to it also. It needed something on the top and I found this pretty rose that fit just right on the top.  Of course to me it still felt like it needed something and then I remembered my leaf ribbon I found at my stamp store and I felt like that was the perfect thing to finish it off.

This was a bit out of my normal but that is what challenges are for, right?

Well I didn't expect a Valentine's card from my hubby this year, work has been really rough and he hasn't been feeling well on top of it all so I was thinking he probably wouldn't get around to it but he did surprise me with this card yesterday.  The image is one he drew a few years back and had scanned, he printed it off and added the other embellishments.  He said he was really tired when he made it, but I think he did a great job.

He had a border of swirls on the inside too with the sentiment, but that part is private :)

Wishing you well on this mid week. We have a chilly start today but the sun is shinning bright and the birds are singing, couldn't ask for more :)

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by, and letting me know you did,



Beth Norman said...

Great work on your form. I wouldn't even know where to begin to decorate it up. Good thing you didn't find a canvas because you rocked with this project.

Oh my, what a special treat to receive a handmade card from DH. He did an excellent job. His drawing skills are wonderful.

Donna Ellis said...

Hi, Connie! I hope your hubby is soon feeling better. Having the ickies is not fun at all! I love his incredible V card for you! I also am so happy you could not find the canvas, because your dress form is amazing! How fun to use up old stash with newer products, and create a really GREAT piece of art! Love it! Hoping good health returns to your house, and that his job looks up as well. hugs, de

Cindi (aka iring) said...

Looks like a Happy Valentine's Day! Your DH is a keeper. Love his handmade card!

I really like your dress form too.

Unknown said...

FAB mixed medium creation, it's quite cool! Love your Hubby's card, he is super talented! What an awesome couple you make! xo~

Lowcarb team member said...

Wow that dress form looks good to me.

A lovely card from your hubby - hope he feels better soon.

Enjoy the rest of the week

All the best Jan

April said...

Wow! I love the form you made. Just beautiful. Isn't great to have an artsy husband! he did a great job too!

Janice said...

Your dress form is fabulous! I wouldn't have known where to start with that challenge.
Super card from you clever is he! Hope he is soon feeling much better.

Bev Gerard said...

What a fun way to use one of those dress forms! Great idea for the challenge!

Debbie said...

the form is beautiful, my color too!!

your husband is so sweet to make the card maker a card, what a treasure it is!!!

Anonymous said...

Connie, that dress form project is so unique! Love it! And your husband's card is darling!

baili said...

Wonderful and brilliant!
You are amazing with your skills.
Wishing your hubby speedy recovery.
Happy love day!

Leslie Miller said...

Your dress form is unbelievably pretty and awesome, Connie! Wow! Brilliant idea to use the glitter in the embossing paste, and the flower border at the base looks so pretty and perfect. Love the necklace, and the rose couldn't have been a better topper. One of the things I love best, I think, is the way you draped the leaf ribbon over it. It goes so nicely with the flower border. I'm really taken with this! Your dear hubby made you the sweetest card, too. He is quite an artist. I do hope he's feeling better. It's hard to see your loved ones ailing.

Kim said...

How terribly brilliant of you Connie. I love the dress form and that trailing very cool. Love the paint colours you used and what a good idea to have the flowers at the base. One at the back would look great. Your husband's card is very sweet. You and he must get so much inspiration from each other.